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Thread: Adding led brake lights

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    Thanks Semper,

    I gave up on removing the outer case shells and just drilled some oversized holes to get into the cavity. I'll see if I can find some tape to cover the holes.


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    I'll drilled and tapped some mounting holes into the corners of the lens. Then mounted with some screws. Solder the three wires and push the excess into the weep hole where it is out of the way in the cavity.


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    Well, its near the end of this project and its the time where I don't care if its done right I just want it done. I have failed too many times with the lenses. I just wanted to cast a dark blue or smoked colored lens, but the blue turned out to look like an aqua color, the yellow dye turned out to be more orange, The red dye, (I would of gone for a red lens too) turned out to look more like a florescent pink color and the black dye looked brown. I gave up on using color dye and just went with clear lens casting. Thought I could get some translucent paint and give that a try. The casting and the mold making I have given up on and just settled for it being done with the mistakes.
    The last bit I need to do is to wire to a switched power source.


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