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Thread: Louisiana to redmond ii

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    Louisiana to redmond II

    I previously made a posting soliciting a traveling partner to the Redmond rally. I understand that traveling style compatibility is important and I described mine. I'm in a smaller market here and it's difficult to find a tour partner. I just don't like traveling alone for extended periods. I'm still thinking of making the rally.

    My style is: My time is flexible, but will get to Redmond a day or so early. I have room booked in Redmond. Medium daily mileage. Once I get to the beautiful West I like to take in the scenery on the less direct routes, but certainly will do the "slab" when needed. I like camping and do a mix of camping and hotels, but with sharing room costs can do more hotels. I like the "ride-look-eat-sleep-repeat" thing. I'm a 52 yr. old engineer. 1997 1100RT.
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    Rodney, I am planning on riding 450 to 540 miles each day and plan to tent camp and use motel accomodations every 2 days or when the weather dictates. My plan is to take 2 days traveling to Copperas Cove, TX to visit a fellow rider and then head N to Glacier Natl Park and then W to the Rally arriving a day early. I,m using a Delorme Topo program to map out primarilly secondary roads only using the interstate when its the better choice in a particular area. I,m 67 years young and am looking forward to riding in the Rockies. Having someone to ride with makes sense on such a long trip. You can call me at 904-246-8580 Mon>Wed from 1800 to 2200 hrs. This is a work # at NS Mayport, FL. Ride Safe

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    Rodney and/or Rpbump,
    I am seriously thinking about riding to Redmond and do not want to ride it alone. I am a 59 year old retired professional. Your style and timing sounds like mine. I live in Magnolia,TX about 35 miles north of Houston. Please give me a call at 713-829-4332 so we can discuss further.
    Al W

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