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Thread: Tomtom Rider cradle/pwr cord-Help!?

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    Unhappy Tomtom Rider cradle/pwr cord-Help!?

    I probably made a mistake in buying my Tomtom Rider without the original cradle and power cord as I can not find a source for them (including Tomtom); I like the GPS but there is no way to power it from the bike that I have been able to find; it works fine on the internal battery for about five hours but then shuts-down; not a good thing when you have four more hours of uncharted riding to do before the end of the day!
    Is there anyone out there who knows a secret source or who has possibly upgraded and is willing to sell thier old one? (which will not work for the Rider 2)
    This is probably why I got such a good (or not) deal when I bought it!
    Thanks and hope to see more of ya'll on the road!
    Martin in N.C.
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    power cable

    TomTom in England has them on their parts page, but they won't ship to the US. If you know someone overseas, order 2 (I'll take one too). I tried calling them to no avail.

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    65 euro on TomTom's Dutch site. Weird that you can't get it in the US.

    have you tried calling TT support and asking?

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