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Thread: Repairing scratches in side cases?

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    Repairing scratches in side cases?

    Does anybody know the best sanding method and paint to use when repairing deep scratches in side cases? I've got a '94 K75 with the factory cases. Thanks!

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    I'd try rubbing compound from an auto parts store first. It might not be enough, but is cheap and easy so it would be worth a try. I use it to get out boot scratches on mine.

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    It all depends on how deep the scratches are, if you can feel them with your fingernail rubbing compund won't take them out. Wet and Dry sand paper using a lot of water may get it, start with 1000 grit and move to 1500 or 2000 to finish it off and then use a polishing compound. if they are real deep you may have to fill them first then sand and paint.

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    If they fail the fingernail test, you can repaint completely or use touchup paint with an extremely fine artist brush to carefully follow the scratch and fill with color. Another tactic would be using base coat color via same method and them afterwards same with a clear coat and then follow with 1500/2000 ultra paper and lots of water. Best to use careful control at this stage to avoid going through the original clearcoat(assuming they are painted with a 2-stage method) and then buff out by hand or machine. It is difficult to do this unless you have a steady hand . If you flow out too much base color with the brush you can, again carefully sand off with ultra fine paper. Also, if the scratches do not go into the color coat, you can clear them in with a brush and as above from there.
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    I had both of my cases come off at 70mph and bounce down the highway. It was my fault.
    These are black, not painted cases.
    They were both gouged and scratched pretty badly.
    A random orbit sander with 120 and then 220 grade sandpaper was used to take out the scratches. A Scotchbrite pad for finish work and then a lot of ArmorAll. Worked great.
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    try Rhino Lining the out side.

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