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    New Member from NJ

    Hello all, I recently phurchased my first BMW, 09 GSA. I have been riding for 35 plus years. Started on dirt as a kid, have and had several Harley's and Enduro's over the years. Recently sold a KLR650 as I wanted a real cross country enduro with range. My first ride out the BMW showroom was 600 miles dirt and another 1300 paved in AZ and UT. I been cross coruntry too may times to count and rode in every state on pavement including AZ and UT several times. The dirt expeirence for first adventure touring ride was increadable ride and look forward to more ADV touring.
    I am very much looking forward to Adventuring touring which is something I did little of in way or touring. This forum seems to have an increadable amount of information and seemed like the perfect starting point to meet other ADV / GSA riders and gain knowledge.

    Safe Riding


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    welcome! looked long/hard at the (new) KLR prior to picking up my CS... just couldn't justify a dual purpose if I wasn't going to make good on one part of the duel ...

    pix of any/all bikes appreciated!


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    Welcome, Ron!

    What part of NJ are you from? Post a pic or two!

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    working on pics for MOA, will be travelign for next few weeks - in the mean time older photo's can be viewed at,
    when time allows I'll build a GSA only site.. lol


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    Ron glad to see you here/Also another Harley convert,there are many here that have found the BMW as being a far superior bike.Sold my Harley and now ride the BMW RS just a fantastic bike.Enjoy the site and all it has to offer.

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