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Thread: Hello from the Utah mountains, on the airhead hunt

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    Hello from the Utah mountains, on the airhead hunt

    In the immortal words of Mick Jagger, "please allow me to introduce myself."

    My name is Drew Frink. I've been riding for about 15 years and just sold my most recent bike, a '07 Bonneville. Just time for a change after two good riding seasons on it. No BMW yet, though an airhead (/5 or /6) is on my short list for the next bike. I'm on the hunt for a bike with some character, something I can really connect with. This hunt has led me to early 70's airheads, which led me here.

    I'm just finishing up a three-year complete mechanical overhaul of a 1959 Austin Healey Sprite, so I'm no stranger to mechanical things that are older than me (I'm a '72).

    I'm also proud to say I introduced my father-in-law to bikes, and he's now the president of our local BMW club. Nice to see I was a good influence.

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    Welcome to the 'hood!

    With your connections to the BMW club, you should be able to get your father-in-law to hook you up!! There are over 70 Airheads for sale on the IBMWR marketplace right now. You could also post a want ad in the Flea Market here:

    Come over to the Airheads forum a little farther down the board and read about all the fun you're going to have!
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    Nice Bugeye, Drew!

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    Drew, Welcome! I am a "1943" and my first car was a same as yours white/red interior, 59 bugeye.Cost $1,350 in 1962. In spite of fond memories they lack guts other than decent handling. I remeber mine burned up the little tach drive thingy under the hood once. I moved on to a 100/4- S Austin Healy from there and it took years and MANY British cars and Mucho $$$$$$$$$$ before I came to my senses and moved to German cars. Have fun with the Sprite.
    Look on Ebay, Craigslist, IBMWR and of course MOA websites for your dream bike. There are a few other bike sales websites too.

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    The Bugeye's been fun, especially now with the new motor I just put in (hot 1275, should be at least 80hp, that's twice the original). Also helps me be patient with my bike search, since the Sprite will give me some fun drives for now.

    I am going to make use of my club connections to meet some local airhead owners. Lots to learn, and I want to be sure my expectations are reasonable before I plunk down the cash.

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    Very nice Sprite looks great.My wife was driving a 58 when we first met,ahh the memories.Welcome to the site and enjoy all there is here to offer.Don't let this year pass without getting a BMW they are good bikes.Have a great day!

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