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Thread: r90 oil

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    r90 oil

    someone told me that the r90 has oil in the driveshaft that needs to be changed in addition to the final drive. if this is true where is the fill and drain hole. what weight oil and how much goes in. thanks

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    Yes, the drivetrain has three areas for gear oil - the transmission, the driveshaft tube, and the final drive. Here's an on-line version of the /6 manual:

    Pages 22-23 show the fill and drain plug for the driveshaft. It says to use 150cc for fill...I have found it nearly impossible to measure using the methods they show. I just drain and refill with 100 to 150cc...there's some trapped fluid, so using slightly less will be fine. Page 78 lists the oil grade. Generally, I think people using something like 80w90 of GL5 hypoid gear oil.
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