So the exhaust system, where it's exposed outside the RT fairing, all the way from the headers to about 1/3 of the way back on the muffler is coated in something that looks like rust and mud and grease and baked-on baby vomit ...and did I mention rust? I think maybe the PO had a penchant for riding in the Chicago winter and following the salt trucks or something. It's covered in crud. I tried naval jelly to some good effect, hosed most of it off, then steel wool. Then more naval jelly and a few squirts of carb cleaner and more steel wool and it's graaaaaaadually coming off and the shine is reappearing. ...BUT it looks like several more hours of intense effort, and all those seams on the collector box are gonna be a PITA.

Isn't there some better way??? I'm not getting any younger here!

(Imagine amusing smilies distributed througout my post)