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Thread: suggestions for super protective riding gloves

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    Quote Originally Posted by Visian View Post
    good lord, all these fancy gloves... i feel so inadequate!

    i use lowly Elkskin Ropers from Aerostich.

    they last f-o-r-e-v-e-r, stand up to get-offs on gravel or pavement, are reasonably priced and don't make you look like robocop.

    they do make your hands black the first time you ride in the rain with them....

    i do also use my 20 year-old Thurlow Deerskins from time to time.... world's most comfortable gloves.

    Good sir,

    I decided to get a 2 wheel BMW instead of the 4 a wheel BMW (driving a Honda now) and the cost difference is my justification for the money spent on the gear so far (maybe rationalization is more appropriate).

    For now, I think the helimot buffalo pro will be my long distance / touring glove and I will either one of the other more racier helimots or another more sport oriented version with the SPS system (either the velocity gear prodigy or the Kus hitani GPR 5).

    One benefit of the helimot glove is that they can custom size the fingers ($7 per finger) and that is something that I have an issue with in the definitely keeping one of the helimots.

    Fingers crossed

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    Quote Originally Posted by peacetoall View Post
    Good sir,

    I decided to get a 2 wheel BMW instead of the 4 a wheel BMW (driving a Honda now) and the cost difference is my justification for the money spent on the gear so far (maybe rationalization is more appropriate).
    we ride different kinds of bikes.

    i think you made a good choice for yours.

    Go soothingly through the grease mud, as there lurks the skid demon.
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    new gloves just arrived

    Quote Originally Posted by tessler View Post
    I did a review of Velocity Gear's Prodigy riding gloves in the March issue of the Owners News. They're pretty rugged and on par with the Held Phantoms, Sidi Power Glove or Rev'it! Jerez in terms of price and features.

    I just tried out the prodigy gloves from velocity gear. Everything you mentioned in your excellent and detailed review is spot on:

    However, 2 things appear different.

    First, there is no perforations between the fingers on the gloves as you clearly mentioned in your article.

    webbikeworld also reviewed this glove in 2009:
    They also noted the perforations between the fingers on their review sample but I cannot find any on the ones I received today.

    Second, you noted that the glove's inner lining was soft, however the inside lining of the glove appears to be of some kind of coarse nylon and takes away from the overall comfort of the glove.

    Overall, this glove is amazing but I would like this glove to be something that I can ride in warm temperatures (in the 90-100 F).

    This lack of perforation or lack of another ventilation option could be a deal breaker. I will email velocity gear (they do not provide any contact ph. on their website, only email communication) and clarify regarding the ventilation in this glove.


    Also, got the the helimot Buffalo Pro...and they are like Butter.

    For its purpose (touring / protection / comfort) this glove is outstanding. Fit / comfort is amazing. It is not recommended as a summer/warm weather glove so lack of perforation or another significant ventilation option is acceptable.

    Customer service was top notch. When I called them regarding sizing, they suggsted a tracing of both hands which I submitted via fax with a scale in inches next to the tracing. They then matched individual gloves to both hands and the fit is amazing. In addition, they will custom size each finger, if needed, for an additional charge of $7 per finger. Craftmanship could not be better and the attention to detail is evident in every since part of this glove. In addition, they have a lifetime warranty on all their glove. If it tears, it may be returned for a no charge repair. If they cannot fix it, they will replace it. This will probably become the touring / cooler weather glove.

    I did not plan on buying 2 separate set of glove, but this one is a keeper. It is $200 but worth it.

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    Helimot gloves

    Deer skin really is like buhtta

    This product is made right here in good ol US of A
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