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    Hi beam shut off

    The schematic below shows how I control the Auxilliary lights via the Hi Beam Switch.

    As stated earlier I routed all the voltage requirements thru my Centech panel.

    If you do not have a fuse panel you can still wire as above except that you will need to add 5 amp fuse for the Normally Open relay - all details are next

    Relay Function and Operation

    The relay on the left is a NORMALLY CLOSED RELAY - meaning that when the relay is NOT ENERGIZED the contacts are in such a postion that there is continuity between points 87A (sometimes it is shown as 87O) and 30.

    So that if you put voltage on pin 30 you will see that voltage on 87A - when the relay is activated the voltage that is on 30 is now disconnected from 87A/O and there is no voltage there.

    By connecting the power that goes to the PIAA Switch thru the Normally Closed contacts of the relay you can control the PIAA Lights - when the high beam is off the coil is not turned on and the voltage signal reaches the PIAA switch and the PIAA lights can be turned on and off at the users discretion.

    Now if the PIAA Lights are on and the high beam is activated there will be voltage on pin 85 of the Nortmally Closed relay and this activates the coil (becasue the other end of the coil is grounded).

    When the coil is activated the Normally Closed Relay now switches from 87A to 87 - since 87 is intentionally not connected to anything the voltage signal going to the PIAA switch is now interrupted and the PIAA lights shut off.


    The control for this relay is obtained from the hot side of the High Beam wire (Pin 85). Ground is attached to Pin 86.

    When the Hi Beam or Flash to Pass (FTP) trigger is engergized it activates the relay and the control signal to the PIAA Switch is interupted.

    12 volts is obtained from either the fuse panel or relay, a 5A fuse is placed in line to this line and it is connected to pin 30 of the Normally open relay.

    Connect the orginal white trigger wire from the PIAA switch to the Normally Close (Pin 87A/O) of the relay.

    The other relay is the PIAA relay and it is shown for reference only.
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