I recently purchased an Olympia X-Moto jacket from Revzilla.com. I only bought this online because no one within 200 miles of me had one locally. I even drove to one store who said they had every size in stock, only to get there and find out that didn't include the 3x. Turns out, that's the size I needed. I am 6'3" and weigh 245 lbs and this jacket fits me perfectly. It's finally one jacket that doesn't have T-Rex arms (super short) and allows comfortable freedom of movement.

Revzilla has been A+ Fantastic to work with. I'm not going to outline the features of the jacket, those can be found on Revzilla or Olympia's websites, these are just my opinions. I have no stake in anything mentioned here.

The Jacket

I have previously had multiple items from Olympia with varying degrees of satisfaction. I've had the AST Jacket, the Bushwacker, and the AirGlide Pants. This is the best piece of on or off-road motorcycle gear I've ever owned. The quality seems to be top notch (hard to tell longevity in 2 weeks). There are fantastic pockets everywhere and the fit is very comfortable.

One of my biggest questions was: "How temperature versatile will this be?" So far I've had the jacket in 55 - 80 Degree weather. It has performed remarkably. The venting is as good as any vented jacket that I've ever owned, in 80 degree weather and 80% humidity, I was very comfortable. For the protection afforded by this jacket, I was amazed at how well it vented. In 55 degree weather, with no liners in (more on that later), the jacket is comfortable with all the vent panels closed.

One item on the vent panels. There have been reports by others that I've read that the vent panels don't lay flat when pulled down to expose the mesh and they 'bunch up'. I disagree. There are full length areas for the flaps to be placed in so they don't add but one thickness of cloth and it really isn't noticeable when wearing the coat. I was concerned about this when I read it but I really think it's an overblown complaint and not something that's bothered me at all.

The collar is a major improvement over previous Olympia gear, it just never seems to get in the way and is very comfortable.

Hydro Pack
There's an included Hydro Pack on this jacket. For longer rides, it's nice to have and works very well. The 'backpack' style straps that they added are necessary to keep it from pulling back on the jacket and choking you. For day to day riding, I just fold the straps back under the pack and keep it zipped on the jacket without the bladder. No one can tell it's not a part of the jacket and while the straps serve a purpose, they are a bit cumbersome for daily commuting.

First, let me say, I don't get the liner thing? I know why they do it, but does anyone really prefer a waterproof liner coat that leaves a very wet, heavy outer layer instead of some thin, packable rain gear? I can honestly say I will never use the waterproof liner and wish they'd just cut the price, even by $5.00 to get rid of the waterproof liner. The thermal liner is nice, but down to about 35-45 degrees I don't think it'd be necessary. Again, i would prefer a lower price (it's expensive at $420.00) and leave all the liner coats out. Keep the zippers to add them if you must, just don't include the additional jackets.

I really believe this is the best all season coat made. I'm one of those people that searches and reads and try's everything. I bitch when gear doesn't meet my expectations, I think I should give credit when something exceeds them! I really am pleased with this jacket and I think Olympia deserves some huge kudos for making such a high quality, innovative product.