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Thread: ...and now for something completely different...

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    Cool ...and now for something completely different...

    A place to go and eat, imbibe(?), dance and have fun:
    This Saturday, 5/22/10

    The 5th Annual Cuban Day Celebration with all you can eat for $12, live bands-lots of salsa and dancing.
    They will block off the street, and the action starts at 11:30AM, and goes until about 5:30PM.

    THEN the action continues with the "Woman's" Harley Riding Event, but my understanding is that all brands are welcome (I have been know to make a mistake).

    Bring a kermit chair and a sweater as it does get chilly by the lake depending on wind direction and sun.

    I will be there with my wife using the cage as we may have other people to schlep but I will be wearing an item or two with BMW on it.



    ps Before I die, I will figure out how to upload pic's to this site.
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