yesterday I had the great experience of riding the RR at VIR, took the Keith Code class and what a day.

First time on a track and pretty much a crotch rocket for that matter.

I even had the opportunity to play in the mud with it! No damage to me or bike and I was allowed back on track. Get the hose.

Mind you it was pretty much a downpour the entire day which added to the fun. Quite a learning experience in the rain.

Great bike and I was bummed the day was over. What I really like about the bike is the overall smaller size which is close the Kaw 636 that I've rode a couple times. The corners were blast, I couldn't get enough of them and when you want to move, the bike responds instantly. Had me giggling. I've never moved that fast. A far cry from my R100.

Dad and I had a great time and I'll definitely be doing that again.