Note for riders coming across Indiana on IN14

This morning I rode over to Rochester to pick up a copy of Harry Potter and
the Half Blood Prince (BTW I brake for muggles). I paid particular attention
to the IN14 detour across US31. Since I am used to it I don't usually notice
the signs. Here is the note:

IN14 goes directly across US31 into Rochester then continues on East. There
were so many accidents occurring as IN14 crossed US31, which is 4 lane
divided, 'they' decided to detour IN14. 'They' did not want to put in an active
stop light nor an overpass. It has been like this for a over 10 years. As you
approach the intersection picture the detour as getting you straight across
US31. The detour signs are pretty clear, but IMO, it is still easy to get
confused. The normal signs, of course, are still there. Some of the signs have
yellow detour signs others are white. The detour will take you South a little
way on US31 then off (to the right) to go NE (to the left) IN25. Picking up
IN14 East shortly. Here you will pass several gas stations, fast food joints, a
Mexican restaurant, grocery stores, and a wallyworld, before continuing on
IN14, through town, and on East.

(Rochester is about 120 miles east of Lima)

Happy riding.

Tom Anspach Winamac, IN