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Thread: Does anyone have a "Membership" to PASHNIT.COM?

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    but don't have the $20 to commit to becoming a "member" without knowing if this would be helpful.
    Why don't you pay the $20 and let the guy make a buck for all his hard work!
    I'm unemployed and I'll give you the $20 bucks if you're that dead set on getting something for nothing
    Save your $20! Maybe he can stay still one day, save 5 G of fuel and pay that $20 himself!
    I think he was asking if it is worth it, not for your log in and password.

    (Edited my snarky comment out, no need to add to this sidetrack.)
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    I've been a member of their forum for several years and it is FREE. I also subscribe to their California Moto Roads. It's the Best Motorcycle Money I've spent. I use their Maps and Suggestions all the time. 2010 R1200GSA ($23K) Accessories ($4K) Gasoline (>$3 / Gal) Good Journeys (PRICELESS).
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    Sheesh - calm down!!

    Wow, relax a little. I'm not trying to kill Tim Mayhew or denigrate his good work. As Ted said, I wasn't asking anyone for their login and password.

    I am realizing a bit of a dream here, and being on a shoestring budget at all times, I look for value and in turn value the (helpful) suggestions of those on the forum. Thanks again Daryl Richman for your detailed and spot-on suggestions.

    For me to be able to be "on the road" for 6 days and spend time visiting my son, daughter-in-law and new grandson is a gift to me from my wife. I left her at home with our other grandson who is living with us for 3 months (our daughter is in the Air Force) and she was completely supportive.

    We, like a whole lot of others, have been through a lot in the past 3 years and still having my motorcycle at all is a blessing. It is a wonderful "escape", even when commuting my 83 mile round trip to work each day.

    Not being "able" to travel on the bike much, I have seen the website and browsed it a few times. The ride reports would be valuable for excursions like this one but since I don't get to take trips very often, this was something I chose not to subscribe to.

    Take care and enjoy your ride, wherever you go.
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