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Thread: Side wire Racks for gear, R bikes

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    Side wire Racks for gear, R bikes

    Ok, Had this brilliant IDEA R bikes, 1100, 1150 1200 seem to have the smae case holders for the side bags.? So I camp a lot on the r1200rt, and the side bags can hold some stuff, but I got to thinking about a wire rack system for the R bikes that use the same 3 point hold down, but had a wire rack going down and than out about 8" so I could strap my Sleeping bags, tent , air mattress down there in water proof covers as they sure wont fit in the bags or the trunk. Some one told me they had seen them out western US, people hauled wood and stuff on them... Does anly have a Clue on this or do I have to make them myself??

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    duplicate post

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    I don't know how to help you, when I read the headline, I saw Wine Rack & got excited... Then I started reading about sleeping bags & such...

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    Here is my Idea for the sleeping bags holder and extra fuel, about 1 gallon.
    When riding 2-UP, the sleeping bags on the top of side cases is not the best solution.
    32X11X1/5 aluminum frame under the GIVI case does a better job.
    Works fine for me.

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    I like that. Can you post a picture of the frame minus the top case? I'd like to see how you mounted it.

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