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Thread: Muscle Cramps

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    Quote Originally Posted by shari View Post
    Hydrate at least a day in advance. I full body massage a couple of days before long distance riding is also a great idea to help flush out lactic acid and other "stuff" that begins to "settle" in the muscles once riding begins.
    This is also part of my routine. As well, (only while touring), I take quinine prescribed by my doctor. The same result can be obtained by drinking tonic water but I found there to be too much sugar in those drinks. As well, I make a point of sipping water every 10 minutes.
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    A Camelback holding 50>70oz of water lets you hydrate on the go. In hot weather I fill mine with ice cubes and add as much water as it will take. If you travel about 120>160 miles between gas stations you can always add more ice "usually at no cost" and have a cold drink all day long. I have learned to blow back thru the bite valve after taking a sip. If you fail to do this the water in the tube quickly becomes as warm as the climate you are riding in.
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    Years ago I learned from the off-road riding world that some of the top riders would crush one or two tabs of their favorite analgesic in their drinking system, thereby taking a little pain-killer with each sip and helping to ward off fatigue.
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    Gatorade for me as I hate bananas. On a long trip I force myself to eat bananas too. About 3 X water for every Gatorade. Also Advil is my friend. One with breakfast and I am good to go all day.

    Dehydrated makes me sleepy. I have to stop often, for water, however that also gives me a chance to stretch, make the trip more enjoyable.


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