So is the motor in the new S1000RR fast. Why yes, yes it is!

Here are the mods.

2010 BMW S 1000 RR

Engine: Stock (203 RWHP/80 ft-lbs SAE Scale using VP MRX01 Fuel)
Exhaust System: Brock’s Performance Full Titanium CT-FM™ Carbon Tip Megaphone... with Anodized Flames
Fuel Injection Control: Dynojet PCV with Brock’s Performance Custom Map to match the CT-FM.
Wheels: BST Carbon Fiber
Tires: Michelin 120/60 Power Pure Front - 190/50 Power One Rear
Bearings: Worldwide Bearings Ceramic
Swingarm: Brock’s Performance 9” over Alumi-Pro™ by McIntosh
Shock: Brock’s Performance Dragshock™ by ?Żhlins (Dual Stage Compression with Remote)
Sp Vortex (17-47 to start)
Chain: Regina 530 ZRP 160 Link (O-Rings removed by hand)
Clutch Modifications: Brock’s Performance Clutch Mod, Cushion, Springs with Adjustable Spring Tops and Shims
Lowering Links: Brock’s Performance Window Links
Front End: Brock’s Performance Radial Mount Front End Lowering Kit (Radial Mounts, Strap End Kit, Strap)
Oil: Alisyn <<0 Weight
Oil Additive: Petron Plus
Coolant: MoCool by Motul
Mirror Block Offs: Brock’s Performance
Brake Line-Rear 9” over: Spiegler Performance
Brake Pads: Carbone Lorraine (SBK5 Compound)
Seat: Custom Cover by Bob Kussman Dayton, OH
Special Thanks: Scott Robertson