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Thread: BIKE RENTAL For Friend From Israel

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    BIKE RENTAL For Friend From Israel

    I have a friend from Israel who would like to rent a bike from the Southern Calif region and drive up the PCH to as far Seattle area. i got one quote for about 3K$ which seems really high. What do you folks recommend? He could fly into a central point say SF and ride the PCH south and then head up north and then return back to his origination point. Suggestions? I am here with him in Belize on a dive trip. He has a MC endorsement, 27yo, and a sailor on a sebbatical from Bermuda. I will attest to his character. Thanks for your help.
    Paul Violand
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    TO contact him personally, which would shorten this course:
    Jonathan Lederman

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    Polarbear Polarbear's Avatar
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    BMW I guess?

    HDs are quite easy to find out here in the West USA, but the cost has got to be high for a long trip like this up the coast. I assume he is a BMW guy at heart, or even owns one or in his past! Is he solo or two up? I'm a sailor too and divers in this family also, my daughters and son, out of Central CA...I have a classic R100/7 that sits a lot lately, but its never been loaned out. A world class touring bike, to this day, S Type(Scout) fairing/bags/tankbag/9g Heinrich tank that I bought it new in 1978. A great runner...I'm not sure I could part with it, for this rental purpose, but it crossed my mind! My new GSA is my main ride today. He should definately look into the HD Rentals, as they are everywhere to be had...What kind of sailboat? Mine was based out of Monterey,CA., but I sold her a short time back...Happy Trails, Randy

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    Jim Bud
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    Have him contact Russ at DreamRider

    Russ usually has a BMW or two, if not he will fix him up with a great bike.
    Russ is the owner and a good guy, he will be in good hands.
    Jim Bud...

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    I've had good luck renting from Eagle Rider in the past. Some locations carry RT's and/or GS's. Looks like the LA branch has both of these bikes.
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