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Thread: Goin' riding this weekend

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    Goin' riding this weekend

    Just booked the last campsite for Saturday night at Steamboat Rock State Park, just south of Grand Coulee Dam. Plan is to ride from the Bothell, WA area up SR 9 to Arlington, then take SR 530 to Darrington and then Rockport, SR 20 over the North Cascades Hwy, SR 20 to Omak, the Columbia River Road to SR 155, SR 155 to Grand Coulee Dam, and then SR 155 to Steamboat Rock State Park.

    Sunday morning we'll get an early start, take SR 155 to US 2, and US 2 back to the Seattle area. Weather forecast is currently favorable. A 500 mile weekend will be a nice first over-night trip for the year!,+WA&daddr=WA-9+N+to:WA-9+N+to:arlington+wa+toarrington,+WA+to:Winthrop,+WA+to:Omak,+WA+to:48.29 096,-119.431+to:Coulee+Dam,+WA+to:Steamboat+Rock+State+ Park,+Electric+City,+Washington+99123,+United+Stat es+(Steamboat+Rock+State+Park)+to:Bothell,+WA&hl=en&geocode=FZDL2AIdJUu3-Clr_eViWg6QVDGwUJhT8UkkBw%3BFTzx2QId2oi4-A%3BFfzT3AIdsr-4-A%3BFTh03wIdqoS4-CkNNLTweUmFVDHV8Yag0ROKtA%3BFZtR4AIdFoLA-CnrxcEpxtqEVDGYP7KLUXk6Ng%3BFeO24wIdrBrW-Cmrarkjpq-cVDGNUsNiM5pEKA%3BFWmx4gIdgSfg-ClJUP9Iq-mcVDGuzyhrIKIUng%3B%3BFfbk2wIdfJHo-CnLF60JO0acVDEGQCYxxcoJzQ%3BFek32gId5x7m-CEZnsGHNrvUQA%3BFZDL2AIdJUu3-Clr_eViWg6QVDGwUJhT8UkkBw&mra=dpe&mrcr=4&mrsp=7&sz=11&via=1,2,7&sll=48.317908,-119.560776&sspn=0.34155,0.891953&ie=UTF8&t=h&ll=48.145931,-120.602417&spn=1.370806,3.56781&z=9
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    Have breakfast in Leavenworth.

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