Had my ride stall on the way to work this morning (electrical problem of some sort) and Googled motorcycle towing to get it towed home. I was fortunate to find Marc Aley from Junebug's Towing who arrived quickly and drove me and my bike back to my house.

Marc owns a couple of Beemers amidst his quiver of bikes and we had a great chat about riding while driving back. Probably would have been more fun over a beer than having my bike towed but I wanted to give Marc and his business props for excellent service. If you're in need of a moto tow in the East Bay, give Marc a call at 510-406-3334!

Also want to give a shout out to Bill Mayer, RT rider, and fellow MOA member who saw me stranded waiting for Marc and his truck and came over and introduced himself. Sounds like we'll reconnect in Redmond if not sooner!

Other than my bike breaking down, it was a great morning for hooking up with Berkeley Beemer riders!