From the website:

Wow! This is our 15th year for this great event. Join us for breakfast with Otis and then find that special part or great set of riding gear you need. We always have a big turnout, so bring in your gear that has been lying around and we'll sell it for you - or stop by and find just what you've been looking for. This is the perfect place to sell all brands and all kinds of apparel.

You can check in items for parts swap "consignment" starting Tuesday May 11th thru Saturday the 15th, but the sooner the better. On the 15th, the swap will begin at 9:00am and from that point on the place is usually a madhouse.

We will be in Saturday morning by 8:30am to accept any remaining check-in items (which usually continues until around 10:30am). The seller determines the price and our commission is 20% of the total selling price (excluding tax). Checks are cut for sold items within 7 business days of the event.

We can try to give you an idea of what something might be worth, but ultimately it is up to you on how much you will take for it. We will not negotiate on your behalf once the event begins. People are looking for a deal, so price it to move. If it's a more unique item that is either not for a BMW (like Harley exhaust pipes or a Suzuki windscreen), eBay can sometimes be a better option to get that targeted audience. Either way, if it doesn't sell, you owe nothing so it's worth a shot. Bring it!