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    I have been working on "farkling" my BMW in order to better support stuff like my GPS, iPod, etc. In doing so I have looked quite a bit into setting up my various power needs around the SAE-2 12v plug, like the popular Battery Tender uses.

    I have found a small shop that has some very useful stuff related to SAE-2 stuff. He sells his stuff mostly on You can find stuff by going to and searching for "motorcycle sae 2". The link to his ebay storefront is

    FYI, I have never met this guy before or have any business contact with him. I've just found him quite responsive to my emails asking questions and like the configurations of SAE-2 gear he has for sale.


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    Just taking a quick look at things, the two prong connector is available here locally at my Car Quest auto parts store...also easily available at trailer supply houses, electrical supply houses, etc...I reckon I would order these out if I lived in the sticks, or was pressed for time where I couldn't get to the auto parts store, but if you look around, there's nothing unusual about this stuff...

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    That is certainly good to know. Thanks for that info. I'm a computer sort of guy and do not know much about auto parts stores, trailer stores, etc. I prefer to shop on line, and when I went online I had a bit of a problem finding the SAE-2 stuff, perhaps because it is so common that its not listed as such online, I don't know.

    I actually went to Pep Boys looking for this type of connector and they had now idea. I do know a bit about auto parts stores and know that Pep Boys is more like a Wal Mart than it is a real auto parts store, so perhaps that is why!

    Thanks again,


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    If shopping on line suits ya better, definitely, this might work better for you. When you go to Pep Boys, Auto Zone, Kragen, stores like that, you often have people who know absolutely zip about vehicles behind the counter...however, if you go to a mom and pop, like a typical Car Quest, NAPA, like that, the people they hire generally are pretty car and parts savvy.

    If you get yerself stuck and have a Car Quest store close to you, I'd be happy to get the part number for the two prong connector for ya...if memory serves, it's a TC-20...line code might be EP...

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