Just bought a Battery Bug for my 2003 Dakar.


For those who have not heard of this, it is a battery analyzer. Displays voltage and gives a visual and audible alarm when the battery is discharging rather than charging, and performs a load test every time you start the bike to display the percentage of battery life remaining. This gives you an early warning of a failing battery so you can replace it when it is convenient instead of on a trip.

Has anyone else installed a Battery Bug on an F650GS? Interested in where you decided to place the display. The only place I see at the moment is a flat spot below the instrument cluster on the left or the right.

The early warning on the battery life is a nice feature, but the original idea for a meter like this one is that I ride year round and use a lot of Gerbing gear in the winter (jacket liner, gloves, pants liner). The alarm is a nice feature because I should be able to just dial down the Gerbing controller whenever I hear the alarm, which beats needing to keep watching a volt meter.

Any ideas about where to mount this would be appreciated, the display is about 2 inches square.