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Thread: handle bar risers for a 650 GS(twin)

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    handle bar risers for a 650 GS(twin)

    Anyone installed a set of bar risers for a 650 GS (twin). Would like a set that moves the bars back little as well without changing the cables.
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    I installed Rokz Risers on my wife's F650.

    You will have to run your cables & wiring a little differently.

    They sell a longer brake line for the front brake as well.

    It's an easy job and a nice upgrade.


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    Here's a nice overview of what's available...

    I have the ones on the bottom - 20mm "spacers" from SW-M.
    They are OK. I moved in the clamping posistions on the levers about 3/8", and am OK with the stock cables/hoses.

    They claim that Rox "Super Low Pro" works OK with stock cables/hoses as well.
    I think is probably would be OK unless you wanted to adjust the Rox to one of the "extreme" positions.

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