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Thread: Greetings from Tulsa

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    Question Greetings from Tulsa

    Finally decided to join the MOA and drop in on the forums.

    I've owned three BMWs and currently ride an R1200GS. It's almost become a fixture of a television show I co-host called Two Wheel Oklahoma. If you're within range it airs on Oklahoma's PBS network every Sunday at 8:30 am.

    Rex Brown
    Tulsa, OK
    Two Wheel Oklahoma
    It's like a TV show, but on TV.

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    Welcome to the Club. I wish I could check your show out. Sounds interesting.
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    Rex... Welcome! I watched the OK 20 episode at your web site. For years I would fly to Tulsa then drive to NW ARK for business, taking all sorts of different routes through eastern OK. Once a year I would ride it. Fantastic riding in OK and it was good to see familiar sights from your program.


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    Lightbulb Watch it Online


    I probably should have mentioned you can watch a few episodes of TWO on our website for free and DVDs are also available.

    And my producer would probably remind me that anyone interested in sponsorship should contact us!
    Two Wheel Oklahoma
    It's like a TV show, but on TV.

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    Welcome aboard! Very cool and I look forward to checking out the show!
    Vance Harrelson
    MOA Foundation Director / Ambassador
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    Welcome to the Forum

    Wow! I checked out your videos of riding OK.. As a denizen of Route 66 located just a handful of miles from OK, I certainly enjoyed the shows. I have ridden extensively in NE OK and Route 66. If you would appreciate input on some ideas for future shows, please PM me.

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    Question Future Routes?

    I'd love to hear any suggestions for future shows. But feel free to post it here- no need to keep it a secret!

    A few of the destinations we're working on eight now include the Talimena Drive, Missouri Route 90, Wichita Mountains and the Tallgrass Prairie.

    We're hoping to produce as many episodes as funding will allow. The search for underwriters to support a regional show has been a struggle. We're hoping to apply the concept to a national audience if we can find a backer!
    Two Wheel Oklahoma
    It's like a TV show, but on TV.

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    I rode through the OK panhandle last fall and really liked the country. I think it would be interesting to do a show about the Dust Bowl in places like Boise City. Also, there is a lot of history in the Ponca City area, I thought it was a neat town.


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    Tulsa, OK
    just joined MOA ... also in Tulsa

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    Exclamation Update on TWO

    Haven't visited here in a while- here's an update on the show.

    Two Wheel Oklahoma is now shown three times a week on Cox Cable in Oklahoma. We are searching for sponsors to help us produce new episodes.

    We have also begun work on a new venture called Forgotten Highways that would be a national show.

    If you'd like to know more...

    The format would be pretty much the same as TWO. Of course the destinations wouldn't just be in Oklahoma. We have a tentative slate of shows written that would feature destinations all across the U.S.

    Assuming we can find a partner who can provide the financial support.
    Two Wheel Oklahoma
    It's like a TV show, but on TV.

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    Welcome, Maduko!

    Hey, here's a thought! Click on the GS Giant link below. The antics of the Queen's Court would make for some great television!

    (This made me giggle just thinking about last year's Gypsy Tour!)

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    Welcome Maduko

    I'll check out the website; it sounds interesting. My wife and I took a wine tour about 5 years ago through Oklahoma. Our route took us through Caney, Drumwright, Chandler and a bunch wineries around Stroud OK. Oklahoma is beautiful in the springtime and summer and most of these wineries are off the beaten path which makes it even better. I was borned and reared in OK in the 40's and I still love it today even though I live in Texas. Enjoy the Forum, lots of interesting folks on here and I'm sure you will add a lot to it also.
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