Hey Guys,

I'm new to the club and back in the States from 7 yrs in SE Asia and looking for an airhead classic, specifically a '74 -'76 R90. I've found a good one, I think, in Chicago, but I'm 8 hours away in Missouri! Can any of you that have some free time (Ha!) and live in Chicago possibly check out a bike for me, i.e. set up an appointment to ride it and assess it, how it runs, and what it needs to become a daily rider? I believe it is in North Chicago and the man selling it has it at his business location. He is available Thursday the 6th through Sunday May 9th for you to meet him and test ride the bike. This would be a great help to me in making him an offer as I can see how much work has to be put into it to make it a daily rider! I'd preferable like one that is ready to go and I can tinker with it as needed. I use my motorcycle daily to commute to work, currently riding a dual sport enduro! Thanks for any help. If you can do this for me, just contact me at john_weeks@ntm.org, thanks, if I buy it I'll meet you for dinner at location of your choice and treat you!