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    Independent mechanic list

    Hi folks,

    Is there a list anywhere in the regional forums or somewhere else at for independent shops and/or technicians?


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    never seen it but you got a great idea for it.

    can i speak as first candidate:

    I'm in n/w Chicago burbs (60060) and any K bike issues can be fix here.
    Also got 24 hr emergency motorcycle towing available with secure storage(I am providing towing services to motor clubs like Allstate,BP roadside,BMW roadside,Nation Safe Driver witch is BMWMOA roadside and few more)
    Tire machine for all tire needs and yes if you stranded with flat i will fix if possible it at 3am.

    Fastest contact by phone 847 220 VAN1


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    I am adding your contact to my contact list for when I am traveling in the Chicago area and need something.

    It would be great if others could chime in too and make this a live tread with independent mechanic contact information accross the US, Canada and Mexico.


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    Rose Farm Classics

    This shop is located north of Woodstock, IL off of Hwy 14 by Rte 120. Jim Barron worked at Barrington BMW for many years before opening this shop. He is a Moto Guzzi dealer but works on a variety of European bikes. Here is the link:

    I am not affiliated with Rose Farm in any way, but I've been very happy and impressed with the service.

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    There is a list/map out there of all the shops (BMW or independent) out there. I'll see if I can dig up the link..

    Edit; Well, here it is. Click the yellow circle to see the independent shops.

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