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Thread: Need a place to leave tow rig in Walsenburg/Rye area

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    Need a place to leave tow rig in Walsenburg/Rye area

    I need a place to park a van and trailer in the Walsenburg/Rye area for about a week to ten days the last week of June or first week of July. If you have room for me to leave the tow rig, or know of a good safe place to leave it, please PM me to let me know.
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    Walsenburg/Rye is south of Pueblo, CO, on I-25. That's for us non-Coloradoans!!
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    Parking spot

    You're headed to some beautiful country!!!

    pm sent

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    The first place I'd start is the KOA in Colorado City. I've used the KOA in Raton many times to store a truck/trailer combo for traveling out west. iirc the KOA in Raton charged me $10/day to store my truck and trailer in a secured area of the campground. That was about 8 years ago the last time, so the rates may have increased. Have you checked the anonymous book? There could be someone in the general area willing to store it for you.
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