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Thread: Throttle body synchro's brands

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    Question Throttle body synchro's brands

    I know that Twin Max is the gold standard.

    Are there any other good ones out there that are not so pricey?

    I am not cheap, but I have become constructively frugal.
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    An 8' piece of clear hose filled with Tranny fluid works just fine for me!
    Makes me grin each time I use it!

    Search for it on, easy to make and works just as well as anything.

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    I agree with the grin factor. I used Marvel mystery oil . I leave it hanging on the wall for further enjoyment

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    Morgan Carbtune.

    It is less than $100 delivered to your door, in less than a week, from Belfast.

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    Less expensive alternative - a used TwinMax. Mine cost me about $65 delivered to my door.
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    Old TM Here:)

    I bought one of the first TMs made in 1995. It still rides with me everywhere in my saddlebag. Its kept in a special padded bag I made for it, so it does not get beat up back there. Soooo easy to use and soooo worth the money spent. 85$ in 1995. The TM works on all my bikes, old and new and you cannot carry the other various carb sticks anywhere with you! The TM packs along so easily on any trip, even though I have rare need to use it. At least I have it along for insurance. Randy

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