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Thread: Helmet paint jobs

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    Dale Rudolph
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    Painting Helmets

    Now that I am home and have looked at the paperwork that came with my new
    Shoei helmet, I will quote the warning. "We do not recommend you repaint
    the helmet because paint and thinner can damage the materials used in the
    helmet construction. A helmet damaged or weakened by a paint agent may
    not provide head protection in an accident, resulting in serious personal
    injury or death". I got my helmet in solid white and put some gold pinstripes
    down the middle that I bought at an auto parts store that carries bodywork
    supplies. Its surprising how something so simple can make such a difference.

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    Polarbear Polarbear's Avatar
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    ITS the liner;

    The helmet interiors are paint/thinner sensitive, not the shells! Painting/spraying can actually get to the hard foam, with "careless" painting practices, so this is the mfg'ers main concern. It will harm the liners. Randy

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