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Thread: I have a Kermit Chair

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    I have a Kermit Chair

    I have been looking at these for too long and finally ordered up a green one.

    It arrived and was so nice I ordered one for my better half with her name embroidered, along with (PIC). PIC is for pilot in command :o)

    A very well thought our piece of equipment. The height is just right to stretch your legs out without a foot stool and you can set your beverage on the ground next to you.

    Watch for it in my next ride photos. As Humphrey Bogart said "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship"

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    As I've gotten older I've come to appreciate the "add-on" leg extenders for the Kermit chair. The chair is a heck of a lot easier to get out of with the leg extenders in place. My only complaint is that the bag used to contain the leg extenders is separate from the bag which holds the disassembled Kermit chair.

    I worry about forgetting the leg extenders sometimes.

    The Kermit chair is a comfortable and nicely made product. My first one is coming up on 15 years old. I've since purchased a few more as they are nice to use just sitting on the deck when cooking some burgers / steaks / fish / BBQ chicken / etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by robsmoto View Post
    As I've gotten older I've come to appreciate the "add-on" leg extenders for the Kermit chair.
    I'm not that old, yet, and still prefer the low-to-the-ground original. The arms are all I need to help get out of the chair. When camping these days I find myself sitting in the kermit and using the table seat as a table... perfect height!

    My chair is 10-12 years old now. If something happened to it I'd replace it without a second thought.
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    Love mine!

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    Love mine too, and find the low height especially nice after a few beers as I have less distance to fall when rolling out of it.

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    I'm a-skeered that if I bought one, I will have officially become an old fogie...

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    Thumbs up

    + on the leg extenders. Ride Safe

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    Love the chairs. About 15 years or so ago, my wife and I each bought the original long leg versions from Kermit. She immediately claimed them as her "personal" property, to be used only for concerts, campfires while motorhoming, etc. I had to admit that they were just a bit too long to carry on the bike, so I bought the short leg version. It has served me well for over 10 years, but recently a bad back forced me to buy the leg extensions. We quit motorhoming, so I now have my choice of colors and leg lengths. No regrets on purchases, they are a great product.

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    I have one too. Sets up well outside a motel room door.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yarddog View Post
    I'm a-skeered that if I bought one, I will have officially become an old fogie...
    Not until you start riding an LT or giving up riding one.

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