I find I am driving the van more.

even at 20 MPG, its cost per mile is less than the bike.

commuting on the bike is kind of hard on the clutch and brakes, and we know how much BMW clutch jobs cost, either lots of money or medium amount of money and lots of your time, although I do enjoy working on the bike. Plus I have noticed that things tend to break at the most inopportune time, and usually in threes. (right now it is Mower, final drive pivot bearing and sump pump)

I agree with Paul. SMile day or mile day. If I am not going to get some SMiles, I take the van. I STILL ride every chance for SMiles I get, hot, cold, perfect, even rain. But to/from work, probably went from 100 days a year out of the 200 we work to 50.

If I had a weekend free, I would be strapping on gear and heading OUT!

I took one 20 year break from riding to raise my kid, and I can see where things could happen I might take another break, but always in the back of my mind will be that urge to ride getting stronger the longer I go without.