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Thread: Shipping to Alaska

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    Shipping to Alaska

    I'm planning a trip to Alasaka this August, and am looking to ship my bike from Southern California to Anchorage then riding to Prudoe Bay and back down to Southern California. I'm looking for a reliable shipping company to haul my bike. Does anyone have recommendations?

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    Visit the Alaska regional forum on Adventure Rider ( There have been a couple of threads over there about shipping to and from Anchorage; a search of that forum should revel some good info. This one seems helpful ( as does this one ( Good luck!
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    Shipping to Alaska - Thanks

    Good info. I checked out the Alaska Air Cargo site and looks to be about as cheap as shipping my bike via truck though I will have to crate it. Thanks also for the other links.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2uptopdown View Post
    ...though I will have to crate it.
    What are you riding?
    Maybe a local dealer can help you w/ some crates/pallets they get in.
    Maybe they can put some of the materials aside for you too.

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