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Thread: Denver dealers

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    Denver dealers


    The Iron Butt 5k (five day rally) starts in Denver this August.

    I'm looking for recommendations on the best dealer in the Denver area. I'm considering leaving my bike in Denver for minor service and returning for the rally.

    PM's are fine if you have info you don't want to put out on the innnerweb, confidentiality is assured.

    Thanks very much.


    Rob Nye

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    While some can chime in with a negative experience or two, I have nothing to say but good things about both metro Denver dealers... Foothills BMW and BMW of Denver. IMO, they both are excellent.

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    Denver Dealers

    Bought my bike from BMW of Denver. Good people, knowledgeable, and it's the only thing they do. You won't be disappointed. Biggest issue in CO is that all motor vehicle dealers are closed on Sunday by law.

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