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Thread: Troy Corser, WSBK

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    Euro press has speculated on Andrew Pitt, now defunct Reitwagen lead rider. His name comes up as a replacement for Xaus. What would you guys think of his addition as a transition to either groom as a No 1 while Corser plays out his career or a place holder until another No 1 can be identified?

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    I've not been overly impressed with Pitt of late. I still think if they can get Camier, Rea, Crutchlow, or maybe even Haslam, that would do it for them.

    Today was a tough day for Corser and Xaus...4th row for both, and Haga back there as well. Here in the States, Chris Peris got a 10th at Infineon. I get to ride down and watch Sunday's races tomorrow. Looking forward to getting all the breakfasts out and hitting the highway. Then taking in that wonderful smell of race exhaust, nothing like it! Should be some great racing tomorrow.
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