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Thread: K1200 Motorcycle Mishap

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    K1200 Motorcycle Mishap

    I went out for a Saturday morning drive. Everything was great until I came upon an antique BMW motorcycle for sale. I planned to turn around to go look at it. I took the first turn which unfortunately was to a road that was a steep drop and a sharp right turn. I panicked and hit the brake rather than trying to ride through it. Once I hit the brake I slowly dropped over. The pic shows the damage. I am fine just mad at myself. Luckily two guys came along who helped me pick up the bike. It drives fine. No damage beyond the plastic and the foot rest rubber.

    Looks like it will be a $2,000 repair if I buy painted panels and do the swap of parts myself.

    Stupid in Doylestown, Pa.
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    No Insurance?
    ride what you've got; enjoy the ride!

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    Got Progressive insurance just don't know if I want to submit a claim.

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    +1. I see my insurance as being for big stuff only. They just get you in the end.

    Sorry about your accident.

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    Are the panels scratched or cracked? Even with deep gouges it might not be too painful to repair and repaint, and look equally as good as replacing and repainting.
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    Macco - or an auto body shop - prep & labor & paint - one day job.
    Only you know, leave insurance comp. out of it - it's under your deductable.
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    Ouch...sorry about the damage but as Semper_Fi said, glad you're fine!

    I had a similar "accident" (bike fell over in my garage coming off a Park n' Move) which did an amazing amount of damage for a 0 mph drop.

    I know your in PA, but Max's BMW in North Hampton, NH uses a fantastic paint guy who redid my right panel and right bag cover and you can't tell it was fixed. I did end up buying painted pieces from BMW and installed them myself, but then had the damaged pieces repainted and put away in case something unfortunate happens again in the future. At any rate, I could always sell them to the next owner or put them on Ebay. Give Tom Flansburg (Service Manager at Max's) a call (603) 964-2877 x 130 and I'm sure he'll give you some assistance. You'll have to ship them up to New Hampshire but that shouldn't be too costly as the pieces are very light.

    One thing I do now, I don't ride with my bags unless I really need them. I have a nice FirstGear tail bag ( on the bike plus a Bags Connection "Engage" tank bag ( with the quick disconnect system.

    Good luck and sorry you have to deal with all of this!

    Please ride safely!

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