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Thread: Gore-Tex boot treatment; zipper treatment

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    Gore-Tex boot treatment; zipper treatment

    In another thread I mentioned that I recently bought a pair of BMW Allround boots. A member sent me a PM asking how to treat them. The little booklet says, basically, "brush off dirt, clean with a damp spong." Think I could have figured that out. The question mark is "treat regularly but moderately with leather care (suitable for Gore-Tex.)"

    My best guess is that you want to treat the leather parts with something which lets the leather "breathe" so the Gore-Tex can do its thing. Any of you have Gore-Tex lined boots with better instructions? There are certainly many other brands of boots with similar construction. Clearly we don't want to use any of the many waterproofing treatments, right?

    Another tip I just remembered, and did to my new boots: soak a very small piece of clothe with one of those vinyl protectants made mostly for car dashes and run it over both sides of your zipper. Then run the zipper up and down several times. You will be amazed how much easier the zipper works. These plastic zippers are everywhere. You may be moved to give the same treatment to many other zippers.
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    Gore-Tex boot treatment

    I've used Harley-Davidson Leather Care with UV Protectant on my last two pair of Oxtar boots with very satisfactory results. The "lotion" comes in an 8 oz. bottle. Just apply a thin coat with fingers, rub in and wipe away excess with a cloth.

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    The vinyl protectant made for car dashes that the OP refers to is simply silicon, which is an excellent's also a major ingredient in 'mink oil' which is also used as a leather waterproofing, but I guarantee ya, it WON'T breathe if you use it on the goretex...

    Silicone comes in spray cans, but DO NOT NOW OR EVER spray it around any area where your motorcycle or any other prized vehicles are! No problem now, but if you ever go to repaint one of them...heaven help you for the fisheyes that are gonna be all over that brand new paint... Spray Armor All and any other silicone bearing sprays have always been banned in my shop!

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    Ditto that Yard Dog!!!
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    Some made for it

    Go to a large outdoor/camping store. Look for the waterproofing that says OK with Goretex. Some are some aren't. Buy the one that is. You're good to go.
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    I just use plain old shoe-polish on the outside (Kiwi I believe - the little tin can with the cute lever opening thingie..) when they get too scuffed up.

    Other than that - I leave'm alone. I don't worry a lot about the shoe-polish plugging up Goretex pores since the Goretex is bonded to the inner liner.. and there are large areas of elastic fabric on the All-Round boots. This worked for years on my PrexPort boots until their waterproof barrier simply gave up the ghost and became permeable (I've heard it actually cracks where the liner was sewed to the boot around the sole, and the BMW one avoids this by using a glued liner, or something like that..)

    Great hint on the zipper! Gotta try that when I get home tonight - thanks!
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