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    Thought the K75S was good, this is great.
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    I ride a 1992 K75s and would like to know what is better about the k12s, other than the obvious like power? The k75s runs like an electric clock and is relatively light (and cheap to operate)

    Do you think the k12s is a better long distance bike?

    I also recently put the new Metzeler ME 330/550 tires on my bike. I was not expecting a difference, but these tires really do improve the cornering of the k75s - highly recommended!

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    My '98 K12RS was a sweet ride, but 13 years later I'm still riding the same K75 I bought when I graduated from college. I can't give up my K75.

    The K1200RS is mostly too much bike, all of the time. It wants to run.
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    The k12 is better in most respects save for overall weight
    and stock horns. 50% more power, 20 % more weight than
    earlier k100. Suspension and brakes are much improved
    also. The k12 is also much cooler in the summer as the radiators
    blow the heat away from the rider. BMW finally got the
    center and side stands right on the k12 too.

    K75s are smooth I hear but I couldn't even feel
    my k12 running in 3 cyl mode other than the lack of top end.
    Gas mileage compares well with my k100 and long departed old r65, range is also similar.

    Bottom line is that the k75 is a better city bike IMO, and will cost
    less to repair in a crash. The k12 is far superior on the highway,
    and grudgingly competent in the city, where it can't stretch its' legs


    Eric Barnes
    Austin, Tx

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