Let me just say I was skeptical when I first contacted Al about his in ear speakers. After reading all the kudos on this and other blogs I gave him a call. At the time I was running an Autocom system with their supplied helmet speakers and while I had done a great job of installing them in my helmet I just wss'nt satisfied with the sound quality. I like to listen to music and audiobooks on long rides and also use for intercom and bike to bike. Al told me that his new design was different than I thought I understood to be the norm in custom molded in ear speakers. Instead of the actual speakers residing in the ear molds with the wires attached, he places the speaker drivers in the Y section below you chin and runs acoustical tubing up to thr ear molds. IT IS AWESOME !!!! Great sound. Blocks out unwanted sounds but you can still hear horns (except my WIMPY RT horn) and sirens. My girlfriend had Al do her molds on a trip to Ariz. and she loves then also. And no I am not related nor associated with Al, just wanted to share. THANK'S AL!!