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Thread: LED tail/brake light R1100S

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    LED tail/brake light R1100S

    Question for anyone regarding the R1100S. Would like to add an LED brake light to the rear license plate bracket, but it looks like to only way to route the wires would be up through the silencers. The license plate light wire is routed this way but seems to have a shielded wire or wires as protection from the heat. Any suggestions on either an alternate way of routing the new wiring, or where to get shielding or shielded wires to do the job?

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    have done this on our 11S...bought additional high heat resistant jacket from the local auto is pretty pricey, some may sell you the short piece you will use instead of the whole roll. Trying to snake it under/between the pipes and thru that grommet takes patience. Had to take a lot of the rear fender,lights assy off I recall to sanely get the wires thru.

    We had an aftermarket license bracket that was on the bike and it broke shortly did not like ANY additional weight. We had the Run-N-Lites 3 LED frame which is a little bulky...was for that particular frame on several other of our bikes with no isssues.
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