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Thread: J&M CB Radio/Audio System

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    J&M CB Radio/Audio System

    Question for RT riders. Does anyone have the J&M system and how did you mount the CB control box. I guess I should also post this on the gear forum but anyone have any comments on the equipment. My buddies I ride with really like the system and its seems easy to use the XM stereo system with it.

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    I don't have an RT; I have a R12CLC . Was at my BMW dealer today and got the new catalog and lo and behold, BMW is offering a version of the J&M handlebar mounted audio system for the K1200 and R1200 bikes, but surely it could be fitted to others. It appears visually identical to the "original" J&M system, and seems to be designed to integrate with the BMW V.O.I.C.E. system (which I believe J&M also makes)

    Of course, it carries the BMW logo "value added" surcharge.

    I am planning on obtaining an "original" version of the CB/Intercom/weather radio assembly and fitting it to my CLC by fabricating my own mounts, and should save some bucks besides having the fun of doing it myself!

    Good luck!

    Warmest regards,

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    J&m mounting

    I installed the J&M solo CB system a month ago. The mount of the head unit was the hardest part. I'm using a RAM mount currently but not happy with it. Sierra MC offers a mount for the 1150's that bolts to the clutch reservour cap.

    I'll have to look into the BMW mount.

    So far I like the unit.


    Rob Lessen

    '07 R12RT
    '14 R12RT LC

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