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Thread: Rocketman's New Ride

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    Great report! I'm surprised how narrow the bike looks - can't see the bags from the front. I suppose that's an advantage of having non-removable bags.
    They do run a bit on the small side and there are larger covers available, though I'm getting them now that I have the Givi top case. Remember too that in Europe "filtering" is pretty much the norm and many riders there state that once your handlebars make it thru,(inbetween lanes of cars) you're home free. Should do well in CA! :

    here's a pic of my new top case.....

    Hmmmm,.....might not be that waterproof better try something else...

    I loved the look on the young salesman's face when he brought the boxes up and then realized I was on the bike, don't think he thought I could transport them home safely but I suspect he hasn't run into many really hard-core riders as he mostly sell sports bikes.

    A more standard top case installation‘«™

    This thing is HUGE, I won't even need a tent when camping, just climb in and bed down for the night! Love the way the colors match the bike and the vertical and horizontal lines of the color pattern of black and silver look really Neeto!


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    Quote Originally Posted by rocketman View Post
    Thanks all, its one fun ride!

    Now I just need to come up with a good tag... and maybe change the name decal cause NT don't cut it for a UNIX user/admin!


    Just transpose the letters and number to... NV 700T = Neuvo Vee 700 cc Turing machine. Or eliminate the "N" all together. Hide the "N" behind a retro-reflactive sticker, the bag could use a little side visible artwork. Just for safety of course.

    Nice ride and thanks for the photos. They take me back to the days when I rode around in that area of northern VA.


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