Took a drive from Sacramento to the CORBIN Seat Factory in Hollister, CA yesterday. All I can say is WOW, VERY impressive. Two of my riding buddies had ride in appointments where CORBIN will custom fit a seat for your bike and will trim it to the shape of your rear/to your liking. The seat gets put on your bike with no leather cover on it, just the foam. You take the bike for a spin and come back and let the Corbin Techs know where they need to trim or add foam for your comfort. They will do this all day long until you are satisfied. Once you are happy, the seat does get covered with your choice of leather or whatever.
My buddies (R1200RT and K1200S) had a seat as well as a "Smuggler box" installed. The smuggler is a fiberglass piece which is installed instead of the rear/passenger bench and functions as a storage compartment, similar to a glove box in a car.Unfortunately they do not produce those for my bike, R1150RT, but I was very impressed with the look as well as functionality of this product.
If you have the chance to make a "Ride in appointment" with Corbin, I would highly recommend it as the price for the custom fitted seat is identical as if you would buy it on line.
Check out the smuggler box as well, I tink you will like it.