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    Americade 2010

    Does anyone know why BMW is not a sponsor at Americade this year?

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    Does that event attract many Beemer riders? Not trying to be a smart aleck, but I always thought of it as more of a cruiser and Wing event. It's an easy ride from my home but for that reason I've never even considered going. How much interest would BMW generate at such an event? Or have I totally mischaracterized Americade..?

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    I've been going for 6-7 years, and BMW has always had a large presence there with their demo bikes and sponsorship of the dinner cruises and events as well as door/raffle prizes. Yes, it's mainly Wings and Harley cruisers, but a lot of BMW riders as well. I'm just surprised this year there is no mention of BMW.

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    BMW among others have really cut back on shows the last year or so. Only doing two Cycle World shows too. It is true that this event does draw it's share of BMW riders.

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    I've gone through at some point the last 6 or 7 years and it is mostly a touring crowd. Plenty of everything including BMW's without the usual Daytona scene. It's a nice time with a pretty quiet crowd mostly there to enjoy riding those great roads. Night time on Canada street is busy, but even there it's pretty laid back

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    Americade has over 70 separate and separate events. New events are added every year and old ones drop off the menu.

    Last year white water rafting and horseback riding was added.

    It is mostly a touring event which has a large number of BMW riders.

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