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Thread: Heading to Pecatonica swap meet?

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    Heading to Pecatonica swap meet?

    Next weekend, April 24-25, 2010...

    Just wondering who is going. I picked up an R75/7 project a couple weeks ago so I'm thinking that I have to go. I'm looking for handlebars, a seat, maybe some handlebar controls, clutch, brake, and throttle cables, and whatever else I find that I can't live without like an "S" fairing or ???

    The downside is that I'll have to go in my cage so I can bring whatever I find home. The upside is that my cage is a new-to-me 545i (Titan Silver like my RT!), so the trip will at least be tolerable.

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    hope to see you there we are only about 60 miles from there . It's a good swap meet have gone the last 4 or 5 years this is the 2nd year for a 2 dayer I like it much better


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