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Thread: VICTORY BMW - The MOST AMAZING service I've EVER received

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    VICTORY BMW - The MOST AMAZING service I've EVER received

    My wife and I were on a ride in Arizona, down from norcal, this past week.
    Myself riding my GS ADV, she on her HD Sportster. While in Phoenix I was unexpectedly called back to work for a day so I got her a room at the local Hilton Garden Inn, locked the two bikes together in a great spot at the hotel where they would be safe. (the hotel staff even moved their personnal vehicles so we would be parked in a secure spot).

    Well, my work turned into 2, then 3 days with no end in sight. Here is my wife stuck babysitting my bike in Phoenix. I'm overseas and desperate.

    I called Victory BMW in Chandler, AZ. I've never set foot in the place. I asked for the Service Manager, got voicemail and left a message. JIM SAGE calls back almost right away. I tell him my story and ask if he can pick up my bike from the hotel, get it to his shop, keep it safe until I can pick it up in 4 to 8 days. I tell him he can do a bunch of stuff to the bike to help make it worth it to him. He can charge me for all. I just need help getting my wife released so she can ride home to norcal. (her first solo trip, bad weather too)

    JIM says, NO PROBLEM! He can have his driver over in a few to get the bike, and, if I want he can store the HD too, along with all our gear until I can get back to get them! This is a home run for me. Now I can fly my wife home. Soooo coool of him! Done!

    Fast forward. 5-6 days later I airline into Phoenix early in the morning. So does my wife Cammy. Taxi over to the shop 30 minute after they open and JIM has our bikes sitting there ready to ride. All our gear setting next to the bikes. Cooool!!!

    I the process of communicating with Jim on the road he mentions that since I had just had the 36K service done, "why would I do the oil/filter and fluids changes so soon?" I explain that just to be thankfull for the help I would be happy to get the work done.

    JIM SAGE has been one of, if not the most helpful and friendly individuals I have ever had the pleasure of working with anywhere.

    I pull my wallet out to pay the unknown bill for picking up and transporting the two bikes, one a HD, to his shop, storing them and our gear safely and prepping my bike for the ride back home. OK JIM, what do I owe you?

    "NOTHING" he says! "You were in a jam and we are just happy to help you and your wife"

    How about the service? Jim knows I just had it done so he says, "you don't need the service yet, you just had it done. so I didn't do it" AMAZING!!!!!!!

    I would travel to VICTORY BMW from anywhere for customer service this good. If my wife decides to trade her Sportster for a new GS twin 650 I would be more than happy to buy it there.

    BTW, I spoke to the General Manager, (sorry, forgot his name) while in the store and the great service culture seems to be the standard for the store.

    If your in AZ I recommend Victory BMW.

    Thanks a million JIM SAGE!

    Mark and Cammy
    in NORCAL
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    What a great story! So nice to hear that there are people who will still go way outta their way to help someone in need.

    Kudos to Victory BMW! And thanks to you, Mark, for taking the time to share your story. It seems that everyone is ready to spend time to complain but many never have time to share the good things.

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    I plan to be in AZ in the fall and will think of Jim at Victory BMW should I need anything!
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    sounds like a shop I would like to visit if I'm ever in the area.
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    Smile Victory is a great BMW team

    Mark, glad things went so well for you with Victory. I live in AZ and join many riders at the Victory store each Saturday for free coffee and doughnuts.
    I have had a KLR until last week when I found a great deal on a 1200 GS 2007. I called the gang at Victory BMW for feedback and they said for the price and strong service record that this was a solid deal. Thanks Tylor!

    Victory BMW is a solid shop that upholds the tradition of BMW - solid, quality, and good doughnuts.
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    Jim at Victory BMW

    I dealt with Jim while I was having my newly purchased 2007 BMW K1200GT (bought privately) prepped for pick-up. Being in Canada, it was important to have someone I could trust with purchasing a bike sight unseen. He was always polite and was more than helpful for inspecting the bike, making recommnedations for gear, and prepping the bike. I would highly recommend Victory BMW.

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