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Thread: New website for plotting your route

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    New website for plotting your route

    The search function came up with no matches, so I thought I would let everyone know about a new website I use for plotting routes and downloading them to my Garmin.

    I know you can plot a route using google or mapquest, but as a Macintosh user, neither one was very intuitive and user friendly. RWGPS will allow you to plot your route, then (after registering) download your route to your computer and transfer over to your GPS. Very easy on my Mac. Right now I only see Garmin products supported, but Magellan and cell phones may be supported at some point (disclaimer, I haven't investigated other brands other than Garmin).

    At first I wasn't sure how to transfer my route, but you can download it as a .gpx file, attach your gps (zumo 550 in my case) via USB cable, then drag and drop the .gpx file into the GPX folder. Disconnect the gps and you are all set.

    Very easy and free.

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    wow, this is nice!

    they even show that where I-40 is closed in western NC.... that is very useful.

    thanks for posting.

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    +1 Some nice stuff with the Google maps API

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    Thank you for this.
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    Great find and like others have said Thank you for posting.

    Have a great riding season.
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    A great site and very efficient software for plotting.

    Thank you very much
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    Thank you for this site, bookmarked!
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    as a Mac user this seems to be much faster then either Garmin Road Trip or Basecamp. thanks for posting this, i plan to use this for an upcoming trip to MN in the next few weeks.

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    Twisties Galore

    Fantastic Site

    A twisty route for those going to Pownal

    or click here

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    Okay, I've been playing around with it also, and find it quite easy to plot with.
    However, I think I need some advice on how to load a map into a garmin.
    Do you have to have an SD card in the GPS first?


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    Quote Originally Posted by 460Jetboat View Post
    Okay, I've been playing around with it also, and find it quite easy to plot with.
    However, I think I need some advice on how to load a map into a garmin.
    Do you have to have an SD card in the GPS first?


    SD card not required.

    On my Mac, after building and downloading a route, a .gpx file will appear in my "downloads" folder (or wherever you happen to specify). After plugging in my Zumo 550, a hard drive icon will appear on my desktop named "Garmin". Double click on the icon and a window will open up showing one or more folders. (I have two). One folder is named "Garmin". Open that folder. A new window will open containing a bunch of folders and other stuff. Open the "GPX" folder. That is where all the routes are stored. Go back to your "downloads" folder on your computer, then drag and drop the .gpx file you downloaded earlier into the GPX folder. Close all the windows and eject the Garmin hard drive icon. Disconnect your GPS and you should be all set.

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    Similar output to TYRE (trace your route everywhere) but better input handling.
    TYRE, on the other hand, support TomTom as well as Garmin

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    Very Nice! I love the elevation graph and it's route trace!

    I may have missed how to display the travel time and how to "move" a segment of a route by dragging. Perhaps the features are hidden?

    Easy download to my Garmin!

    Thanks for the find!

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