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Thread: plug replacement

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    Question plug replacement

    Any pointers on replacing the plugs for an 07 k1200R Sport. Don't have the CD Manual and would rather dig into it with a better sense of direction. Thanks.

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    It's not a twenty minute job... I watched a few done from a covert location

    You have to drop the radiator, the shroud that supported it to the engine , the air pipe system on top of the valve cover, unclip the leads from the plugs without breaking one and use the plug puller to remove the boots . That's the easy part.

    The difficulty comes in purging the cooling system afterwards...lot's of top secret intel needed as even some dealers are learning how to really do it and I believe BMW may have tweaked the procedure. Some folks say just hook it up and gravity will take care of it...I don't think that's wise as there are lots of places air can hide in the system. Lot's of thoughts and opinions on the K bike forum and of course some tempers flare on each. You'll have to do a search in the K12S forum

    I have read the manual so many times , but have not done either of ours yet ( '05 K12S) I am in the process of getting a better vaccuum purging system once the better mousetrap is invented by someone that is not cost prohibitive.

    might as well do a valve check/adjust if you make it that far!

    here is the BMW drawing...positive pressure pump/compressor...The hose headed over the bars goes to the compressor
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    Make sure you are sitting down when the parts person tells you how much the plugs cost. My local dealer quoted me $25.56 a piece! Fortunately I shopped around and found them for the bargin price of $14.04 each at Crossroads BMW in Lynchburg, VA.

    One tip; make sure to fully engage the coil with the tip of spark plug. You'll need to hear an audible snap as they seat themselves. It may take a little extra force.

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