I've never done a testimonial, but I have been so pleased with my Rick Mayer seat for my 2007 K1200 GT that I had to send one to him.
If there's one thing that has made my great bike even better, it's the seat by Rick.
It's going in the mail today, but here's the jist of what I sent.

So far the seat has exceeded my expectations for the quality and comfort.
I know that this‘«÷ll just continue to get better as I put on the miles.
Best of all ‘«™ the two tone gray leather looks fantastic!

I guess BMW will continue to support craftsmen like Rick until they learn to make a seat that is comfortable.
I just wish I had done this on my 1985 K100RT that I rode for 24 years and just sold last year, with the original seat!

Rick called personally while I was in the process to reassure me.
Pictures were required of myself and Pat along with our physical details, so it makes sense that custom work can be done via ‘«£mail order‘«ō.

I am a very happy camper and will even happier since the weather will be great for riding this weekend and the Toronto Spring Motorcycle show is on.
I only have 700 km's (450 miles) so far, but have found a huge difference.

I read the forums and and contemplated other seats like the Russell Day Long along with Rocky and Bill Mayers and based my decision on what was said.
It's great to be able to "test ride" products through the BMW MOA`s unbiased opinions.

Thanks to the fellow MOA riders for the info and see you on the road.
I am so glad I became a Lifetime Member way back when.

Satisfied beyond my expectations,